You gather the data and we'll make you shine for your client.

We help create the plans and reports you need to keep your client up to date on their vision of success and you in front of them as opposed to wasting time preparing reports. We work in the background automatically providing up to eight specialized reports per year as well as custom reports as needed to make your clients life better and your life easier.


Pre-retirement planning and currently in retirement planning are complex. Many client don't realize the complexity of the entire process. We work in the background to make sure your client has all the right strategies and information so you look and can perform at your best.

Estate Planning

Give your clients the best plan to leave a hassle free legacy to the heirs they want to take care of. Through a wide array of knowledgeable reporting options we'll keep your client up to date on Wills, Trusts, Financial and Medical Powers and more. Everything you and your client need to successfully transition.

Liability Management & Protection 

While creating wealth through a well designed accumulation strategy is the goals of all clients, protecting wealth from life's little and not so little disasters is an important part of the financial journey. We'll help you provide the idea's, products and strategies to make sure your clients are well taken care of

Tax Reduction & Management

Taxes are the bane of your clients existence and your help to them through tax reduction strategies, preparation and wealth building plans can help you both to shine. We provide you both with up to date information and tax law changes to keep you ahead of the IRS and build wealth.

Healthcare Maintenance

We'll help you provide well designed medical and healthcare planning for pre-retirement as well as during retirement. From pre-retiree healthcare options, HSA's and Medicare, we'll keep you up to date.

Life Planning & Income

People don't plan for the sake of planning, they plan to live the best life possible. Beyond financial planning is full Life Planning - Understanding what your clients total objectives are and making sure they have the income, no matter what to live a robust life.

Business Design

For the self employed to executives, we can help you create and maintain business plans to create and maintain wealth. From Business building ideas through our partners to designing tax advantaged Qualified Plans and a lot more. The possibilities to create, build and profit from a successful business have never never better.

Investment Design

The basis of the Strategic Wealth Initiative is investment design for the truly modern world. We help you provide a full range of manged mutual funds, ETF's and Stock and Bond ETF stratifies and management well beyond "modern portfolio theory". We free up your time from dong research and provide customized portfolios specifically designed to reach the goals your clients have.



You start the plan, we'll finish it and keep it updated.


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